Desalination is the only option, when the natural sources of water from lakes and rivers dry out. Desalination takes the sea and converts them to drinking water. Desalination is the last resort, if everything else fails.

ESS helps water treatment companies, particularly those involved in EPC / IWP / PPP / BOT projects, by identifying competent professionals with a proven track record, from conception, construction, commissioning and through O&M lifecycles. Project values are usually $USD 100 million and above

Some key positions we have covered are:

Project Manager / Director for WTP/ IWP North Africa, Middle East, Latin America
Engineering Manager North Africa, SE Asia, India
Construction Manager GCC region
Contract Manager for STP North Africa, Latin America, Middle East
Purchase Manage China, India
Planning Manager Middle East
Commissioning Engineer Middle East, Australia
Plant Manager for STP / Desalination Middle East, Latin America
Operations Manager – Desalination Middle East
Business Development Manager Latin America, North Africa, GCC, India
Commercial Manager Middle East

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